ambrosi consulting

ambrosi consulting

integrated marketing communications

ambrosi consulting

Flexible. Scalable. Collaborative. Effective.

That is Ambrosi Consulting.

Let us put together the team you need, on the budget you can afford,
to build your brand.


This is our modus operandi.
We can help you through one phase — or all of them.

ambrosi consulting immersion
We articulate the scope of the project and outline the competitive landscape.
ambrosi consulting positioning
We gain fluency in your sales cycles and methods, profile your target markets, and develop the message.
ambrosi consulting strategy
We pinpoint the avenues for building your brand and pull together the team, using your resources, or ours.
ambrosi consulting database
We harvest existing databases for the target audience, and find opt-in opportunities for growth.
ambrosi consulting campaign
We develop campaigns appropriate to various media—social, email, direct marketing, telemarketing, web marketing, or print or outdoor advertising.
ambrosi consulting graphics
Our marketing and creative teams collaborate on high-impact visuals.
ambrosi consulting content
We create all-new content for everything from data sheets to websites.
ambrosi consulting interactive
We leverage your online presence with persuasive, user-friendly content across a variety of platforms.
ambrosi consulting reporting
We evaluate and hone the program’s effectiveness, based on measures of success we establish in the immersion phase.


adobe systems incorporated

  • 2005 Adobe Ideas Conference | through EXP Productions
    • event identity and guidelines
    • message platform
    • web strategy
    • attendee package
    • on-site creative
    • on-site support

applied biosystems

  • 2006 Global Sales Meeting / 25th anniversary
    • brand and industrial design
    • intranet communications
    • multi-city scientific lecture series
    • employee celebrations
  • 2006–2014 Various Groups
    • program management support

augmented world expo

  • 2013 Expo
    • demand-generation strategy
    • event identity
    • website graphics
    • banner ads
    • email campaigns
    • copy writing
    • registration tracking and reporting


  • 2015 Share Conference | through EXP Productions
    • event identity and guidelines
    • message platform
    • communications strategy
    • pre-event communications
    • website
    • email marketing
    • demand generation
    • on-site communications
    • conference package, giveaways, badge system

ebay, inc.

  • 2004–2005 Developers Conferences | through EXP Productions
    • conference brand
    • online and print communications
    • conference guide
    • conference signage
    • giveaways


  • 2013 Worldwide Sales Conference | through EXP Productions
    • event identity and guidelines
    • message platform
    • communications strategy
    • pre-event communications
    • website
    • email marketing
    • on-site communications
    • conference package, giveaways, badge system

facetime communications, inc.

  • Sales Support
    • developed “gold list” of target accounts
    • integrated list into CRM system
    • streamlined sales progress reporting


  • Helios Product Launch
    • launch plan and timeline
    • internal and external communications strategy
    • program management
  • Worldwide Commercial Meeting
    • communications strategy
    • program management

hearsay social

  • Marketing Support
    • implemented comprehensive marketing budget
    • refined/formalized marketing programs processes
    • helped develop/launch new corporate messaging
    • mentored marketing-team members

intel corporation

  • Intel Museum (since 2006) | through EXP Productions
    • audit and review of past campaigns
    • analysis of marketing by other corporate museums
    • budget and calendar
    • media program
    • new program concepts
    • represent Intel and industry events/sales calls

intuit, inc.

  • 2002–2003 Developers Conferences
    • conference web site
    • demand-generation campaign
    • signage, collateral, conference materials
    • on-site support

lattice semiconductor

  • 2015 Worldwide Sales Conference
    • message platform
    • content development
    • keynote/breakout refinement
    • project management

life technologies

  • Launch New Industry Brand / Refresh Existing Brands
    • brand-change communications plan
    • brand-awareness strategy and support
    • guide to brand-strategy elements
    • voice and tone
    • graphics
  • 2010 Global Marketing Leadership Meeting
    • key sessions
    • interactive workshops

plaxo, inc.

  • Premium Online Services
    • marketing, sales concepts and copy
    • copy for user interface
    • curator of online greeting-card store art and messages
    • statistics analysis

  • 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Dreamforce Conferences | through George P. Johnson
    • event graphics
    • project management


  • Website Overhaul
    • competitive research
    • messaging
    • graphics
    • user-interface and site architecture


  • Corporate Messaging
    • new logo and corporate identity
    • message variations
    • website copy
    • improved user-interface and calls-to-action

western multiplex

  • (now Proxim Corp) Marketing Consulting | through Connolly Communications
    • messaging
    • product positioning
    • collateral


  • 2008–2014 Worldwide Sales Conferences | through EXP Productions
    • event identity and guidelines
    • message platform
    • communications strategy
    • pre-event communications
    • website
    • email marketing
    • on-site communications
    • conference package, giveaways, badge system

the team

kelli ambrosi

kelli ambrosi

Kelli Ambrosi, who founded Ambrosi Consulting in 1999, has over 20 years of experience developing and implementing integrated marketing-communications programs. Having worked in both corporate and agency environments, she has a proven track record delivering innovative solutions for her clients.

Kelli has directed hundreds of marketing communications programs, including event marketing, product launches, advertising, collateral, direct marketing, corporate communications, and web sites. She began her career as a graphic designer and, in addition to serving in a variety of marketing roles at SGI, has also served as an account manager for one of the largest marketing communications firms in the Pacific Northwest.

dan ambrosi

dan ambrosi

Dan Ambrosi, who joined Ambrosi Consulting in 2003, has over 20 years of experience in the areas of visual and marketing communications. He has worked for several software startups and has been recognized for his ability to make “larger than life” impressions on very limited budgets.

Dan has devoted his entire career to evangelizing and utilizing technologies that enhance communications. He began his career as a computer-aided design specialist for NBBJ, one of the largest architectural design firms in the world, where he introduced the use of 3D graphics for design evaluation in the early ’80s.

shannon mahorney
content development

shannon mahorney

Drawing on more than a decade of experience in writing, editing, and program management for technology companies, Shannon Mahorney works with corporate marketing and development teams to turn raw information into convincing marketing content. Since 1998, she has been collaborating with organizations that range from large, established companies to small companies and startups.

Shannon crafts a variety of communications tools—including data sheets, white papers, brochures, web sites, annual reports, customer success stories, conference materials, and direct mail—for audiences ranging from C-level executives to developers.

ron harner, writer's ink

ron harner
content development

Ron Harner has extensive writing experience, working with nearly every film studio in Los Angeles as well as numerous advertising agencies on both coasts. He will take the time to learn what makes your company unique and craft copy to convey your message in the most striking and original fashion.

motion squared design

motion squared design
graphic design

Partners Cara Koenig and Niklas Hallin each have over 20 years of experience in the art direction and design of printed communications. Since establishing Motion Squared Design (M2D) in 1998, they have enjoyed steady growth and have worked on a wide variety of corporate programs, ranging from print collateral and packaging design, to corporate identity development, event graphics, and web art direction.

sölhaug grafik
interactive design

solhaug grafik

SÖLHAUG GRAFIK is a communication and design consultancy offering a range of creative and consulting services including web, UI and interaction design. Established in 1996 by David Solhaug, SÖLHAUG GRAFIK has delivered interaction design solutions to corporate clients including Microsoft, Verisign, Intel, Siemens, IBM, Time Inc./Fortune Group, and Disney Interactive, as well as a host of small-to-medium sized high-technology ventures.

coverall crew

coverall crew
interactive development

Coverall Crew is an application service provider that specializes in producing world-class database-driven web systems, offering businesses custom solutions in order to improve the efficiency of their work flow, reduce their operating costs and increase their ROI. Coverall Crew’s advantage lies in its versatility, drawing on decades of expertise that has seen the delivery of custom tools for virtually every popular server platform and desktop environment.

patty walters

patty walters
event management

Patty Walters has more than 15 years of experience in event program management and production. She has served as event and marketing programs producer for a wide range of clients including Apple, Palm, Intuit, Sun, SGI, eBay, and Xilinx, and has held positions at MacKenzie Communications, Addison-Wesley Publishing, and Apple. Patty consistently delivers her projects on time, within budget, and with rave reviews.

gretchen mcdougall

gretchen mcdougall

Gretchen McDougall, after more than 30 years in advertising and design, has experience in content creation, graphic design, production, and web design and development for both local and national clients.

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